Do you have a store location

No, we are an online Hair store

How many Bundles are needed?

Inches 14”- 16” we recommend minimum 2 bundles.
Inches 18”-30”we recommend 3-5 bundles.
But ultimately the choice is up to you on how many bundles to use. Please keep in mind the longer the length the thinner the bundles.

What color are the Hair Extensions?

All hair comes in its Natural color similar to 1b and also different hues of browns. Keep in mind the hair can be custom colored to your liking.

Are your Extensions 100% Virgin Hair?

Yes our Extensions are 100% Virgin Hair, and can be washed, colored, flat Ironed and curled.

How long does your Virgin Hair Extension Last?

The Longevity of your Extensions is solely dependent on how well you care for your Extensions. With Proper care and Maintenance our Hair can be reused and last up to 5 years +

Can I wash and Blow dry my Hair Extensions?

Yes! Our hair is 100% Virgin. Treat them as you would your own.

What to do if my package is lost or stolen?

Please contact the shipping Courier and file a clam. All communication will be between you and the courier.